The Academic NESU society

The Academic NESU society was denoted to the register of associations on 8th of October, 1992 but the day of foundation and the annual celebration is the 6th of June. Members are mainly existing or former students of Turku University. The association is however neither bound to the Turku University nor to the other student associations, although there is frequent cooperation between NESU and other organizations. Like most of the student associations in Turku University The Academic NESU society is also a sub association of the Student Union of Turku University. Taken all together we are an autonomous association whose activities share both athletic and cultural aspects.

Contact information

Address:Akateeminen NESU ryPhone:+358-21-234-3624
c/o Mäenpää MarkoEmail:[Members]
Tiilentekijänkatu 5 B 26[The council]
SF-20180 TURKU[The Interested ones]

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